Writing Articles About Any Topic Quickly

If you’re strapped for time and will prefer to just skim over, here are the actionable steps you can take immediately.

Explanations follow below but you’ll be fine without them.

  1. Know the title of the article
  2. Nothing is new on the internet, use the search engines
  3. Prepare questions you want your article to answer
  4. Take a quick look through 3 or 4 very good articles you see online
  5. Fill in the answers as you find them in your notepad
  6. Carefully articulate your answers one paragraph after another
  7. Write your conclusion/call to action
  8. Proofread your work
  9. Done!

I have 9 bullet points here.

A complete article can be done in less steps than these. I have made the steps as simple as it can get.

The rest is dependent on your creativity and typing speed.

If you follow through this, you will be able to write more in less time.

Now to the meat of the whole thing.

Before you begin to write, it is important to know exactly what purpose your article is trying to accomplish.

Are you writing for the search engine? Is it a blog post, a review, a press release or a salescopy?

Knowing exactly who your audience is very crucial. Like my mentor says “begin with the end in mind”.

This generally will guide you as you write. You have to understand that different audience respond to different content style.

It’s safe to say that knowing your target audience is more important than the title of your piece. Keep this golden rule in mind. Again begin with the end in mind.

What is the title of your article?

I have come to discover that almost every challenge a man can have has been at one point or the other written on the internet.

Someone somewhere has experienced that challenge and found a solution to it.

Knowing that, I just head over to google.com and bing.com and type in my search string. While that is loading, I head over to ezinearticles.com and associatedcontent.com to see if I see something related. More often than not, you will find so many other similar titles that has been written on this content networks. I use bing.com and google.com because sometimes, google misses some obvious website while bing.com pops them up in their search engine.

Click on about 3 or 4 that are well written. Read through them all and pick your points. I typically have my pen and a paper around me when I need to write an article. I do not use notepad or Microsoft word to write my outline. I have consistently found my pen and paper to be very effective. I am able to actually “see” how the end product which is the finished article is going to be.

After reading through the articles and taking my points, I use a little trick I learned while studying comprehension in my high school. What I do is pull out a couple of questions that the article tried to answer. I have the questions which usually consist of the following:
What is the title of the article? – Obvious
What is the article addressing? – Generally coverage
What point is the article really pushing – The main underlying point the article is pushing
What did the article list? – Any listed point? Write them down
What is the article concluding on? – What is the conclusion of the writer?

Once you have the answers to the questions you draw out, it will be very easy to draw the questions that your own article needs to answer and then follow through.

What I do is to also write out my questions. After that, I find the answers to them from the various articles that I have read and then begin to fill them in. It doesn’t get easier than that.

So you have 3 sections for any article:

– The main title of the article
– Introduction
– The Body of the article:
question number 1 as a paragraph
question number 2 as another
question number 3 as another
question number 4 as the last paragraph in that section
(At this point, your article will have taken shape)

The most important thing is asking the right questions and simply filling in your answers from the facts you have gathered. See how simple this is?
– Conclusion:
At this point, simply summarize the whole article and drop your call to action. This is important.

Many times, articles are written to attain a specific objective. Do you want them to buy? How about them sharing the article? How does replying the article sound? It all depends on exactly what you need them to do.

Drop a strong call to action. You earned the right to do so!

What do you Think? Comments?

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