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I want to share with you what I think we can accomplish by working together here at Tips and Toolz.

At this point most other Internet marketers will try to impress you with all kinds of stats and figures and stories as to why you should trust them and how they became such an expert in what it is you’re looking for. You won’t get that from me. I really don’t have any particular areas of expertise goofor authority. Oh, I guess one could make a case that I’m an expert in being sucked in by the next new (or badly reworked) way to make money online. Or, maybe I’m an authority on getting all excited about my latest find and never finishing the project! You ever get like that?

That’s me…some little technobit in the blueprint fowls me up and I immediately go limp and abandon the project with a resolution to learn more about what I didn’t know how to do! Off I go searching for answers only to stumble upon another $7 or $9 dollar WSO and the cycle starts again! Worse is when the ‘product’ omits or garbles some necessary crap and I was no further ahead than I was  before, just $7 or $9 dollars lighter!



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