I gotta be the slowest damn learner on the planet!

I was thinking, as I walked Baylee and Quincey this morning, about how much money and time I have just pissed away over the last several years buying a bunch of CRAP in my journey to learn how to make money online. I don’t mean just a few “Next Greatest methods…” and “New Ways to Bazuple Your subscriber List….” or Make $50 Bucks A Day Easy….” shiney object which constantly made their way into my email box, I mean hundreds of mostly reworked JUNK.

It wasn’t until I had spent way more than I was initially intended to spend that I finally listed to a few things that a handful of very successful marketers always said that I finally GOT It… I know, “Bob, you ever heard of the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!”

I was the image of that for sure. It hit me hard but I looked over most all of the stuff cramming my hard drive and realized that the answer was always there hidden in plain sight. If I had only used all that money, and time, to do these things every day I would be a money-earning machine right now.

Then it Became Crystal Clear…..I had to do these things exclusively.

1. Spend money building my list every week.

2. Write every day.

3. Finish every project I start. Meaning.. persist until It succeeds BEFORE moving on.

4. If it works, SCALE IT UP.

Wanna know what happened? The first week I applied this simple formula, I added 77 new subscribers to my list, made 2 sales and realized that this game is nothing but NUMBERS! It wasn’t magic, it was simply DO IT and have rational expectations.           

Here’s what I did…..

I opened a product I already had bought that made a sales page, download page, thank you page and a squeeze page. I wrote an email swipe selling my squeeze page. I went to Udimi.com and bought a solo ad for 150 clicks for $54 bucks.. Those 150 cllicks brought the results I mentioned above. 

So you know what I did then? I did it all over again! Yup….scaled it up….

What really pissed me off was thinking about how big my list would have been by now if I had done this 8 years ago when I spent my first $54 dollars CRAP! Live and Learn they say…. I gotta be the slowest damn learner on the planet!

 Any questions? Leave a Comment…..

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