Are You Making Money From PLR?

If you aren’t making any money from the PLR you have bought then you need to read this….

The task of re-doing your newly purchased PLR product isn’t as daunting as you might think. Here in a nutshell are the steps.

1.You purchase the product

2.Download to your computer and check to make sure everything is there that is supposed to be there.

3.Edit the download page by adding back-end money generating elements like bonus products and affiliate links that will bring in commissions.

4.Zip (compress into a zip file) the product up and upload it to your server.

5.Add your payment button (PayPal or whatever you use) to your sales copy. Upload it, your graphics & download page to your server.

6.Rinse & Repeat!

All good except… You now are in the 95 percenter group… destined to be miserably disappointed.

In order to rise up into the not-to-crowded stratosphere of the serious IM-er, Add another step:

3b. This step will have you editing the PLR eBook, PLR Articles, PLR Software or the PLR Videos. At least the name and graphics.

You’ll now have a uniquely personally owned product unlike the original!


Go Forth and Sell!

Here is a great resource:

Resell Rights Weekly

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